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You're hurting and we're sorry to hear that. Our counselors view serving clients as an honor to provide compassionate care, delighting in our clients and walking alongside them through their journeys.  We want to partner and journey with you to your fullest life.

What is counseling?


We view counseling as a place to be seen, heard, and validated. It's a safe place to process without fear of judgment and share the heavy weights on our hearts with another caring human. It's a place to learn tools and gain insight; counseling is a safe base to be able to take risks and be your fullest self.

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Be heard; be seen

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Individual Counseling



Get counseling and relief for yourself.

OON reimbursement is possible but not guaranteed.

Couples Counseling



Get marriage counseling, premarital counseling, and couples counseling.

OON reimbursement is possible but not guaranteed.

Family Counseling



Get family counseling.

OON reimbursement is possible but not guaranteed.


You are not alone

SERVICES PROVIDED: Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Relationship Problems, Divorce, Infidelity + Restoration, Anger, Rage, Boundaries, Trauma, PTSD, EMDR, Parenting, Adolescents, Shame, 

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