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EMDR Therapy in St. Louis

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EMDR Trauma Therapy

Trauma, PTSD and core beliefs try to steal your life. You don't have to carry these heavy burdens alone. EMDR therapy is a proven technique to reduce and eliminate PTSD symptoms caused by trauma as well as shift negative core beliefs about ourselves.

There is no shame in getting counseling. Every single human can benefit from counseling! Why? Because we all have blind spots, none of us are perfect and we can all grow.


Now is the time to write new chapters in the story of your life.  Happiness, freedom, peace - they are possible again. Make an appointment today! Call today for a free, 10-minute consultation with no commitment. 

What is EMDR Therapy

So what is EMDR Therapy? EMDR Therapy stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - what a mouthful right? Basically when our eyes move back and forth (left and right) it's similar to REM during sleep and our brain activates its processing ability. Processing is how our brain makes sense of things and puts events into storage - like a hard drive.  

EMDR causes the brain to pull up memories that it saved as "I am unsafe" or "I am bad" for examples and works to resolve the false statement. No one is unsafe all of the time nor is anyone is the essence of being bad - these are general statements that are not true and so the brain is able to dismiss them over time through EMDR Therapy as untrue and brings a great deal of relief. In addition, the brain works through any traumatic symptoms and body responses because it doesn't have the hold the memories anymore as they are resolved. Healing and recovering from PTSD with such a simple process is pretty neat, right?

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Brian Bachman, LPC, MA, EMDR Therapist

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